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Briana Caitlin Harris
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United States

FlightRising Banner by Vipersbite

Shadow Banner/Siggy by Vipersbite
Shadow Flight Stamp by TytoquetraFlight Rising Stamp by Tytoquetra
My Dragon Elements, & Näzz's Elements.
Stamp: DRAGON ELEMENT darkness by StephDragonnessStamp: DRAGON ELEMENT moon by StephDragonness
stamp: DRAGON ELEMENT Shadow by StephDragonnessstamp: DRAGON ELEMENT Acid by StephDragonness
Stamp: DRAGON ELEMENT blood by StephDragonnessstamp: DRAGON ELEMENT fear by StephDragonness
stamp: DRAGON ELEMENT Undead by StephDragonnessstamp: DRAGON ELEMENT magic by StephDragonness

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Hello There, my name is Briana...But my friends call me Bri for short.
I am 5'9" tall. My natural hair color is an ash blonde
(NOT 'dirty' blonde there is a difference).
I have light green eyes and My fav color is black.
My favorite clothing styles are of the punk,
goth and emo genre; But I am not an Emo (
Even though sometimes I think I am.)
My other favorite color is a Deep red,
which I mostly wear on my lips ^^.
I have two younger brothers who I love dearly,
but sometimes I can't stand hahaha
I go to St. Elizabeth Anne Seton Catholic Church when I can
I love GOD and respect him (as much as possible) every day.
To me, being a Christian (Christ Follower) is not a religion...
Its a Relationship. I was Baptized Catholic 6 years ago, and just this year
I have learned to pray the Rosary I believe God answers all prayers...
It may take a long time, but he will. If you just ask.
The reason behind my faith in the Lord, is because of my past...
I had an abusive father, who would hurt me and bring me pain
in any way possible.
I had too still see him after I told the judge what he did to me.

No one believes children...They think they make stuff up.
When I was 11,
One day I couldn't take seeing that horrible monstrosity of a 'father'.
I told my mother, that If I had to see him again, I would commit Suicide.
She Got me some good help.
And To this day, I believe that with all my heart, bone and soul,
That God Sent the perfect person to help me. And It worked.
Since then, I've never had to see his grotesque face.

You may wonder why I am writing all this,
Its so you know me for who I am and what I believe.
And That there is a person behind the cybernetic picture you see before you.
I have gone through so many trials in my life,
That I can't believe I'm still standing.

A few years later, I was diagnosed with Three mental dis-orders
that I have to live with for the rest of my life.
I have Bi-polar#2 (manic/depressive), Aspergers syndrome
(A high functioning form of Autism) and P.T.S.D
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
For my Bi-polar and PTSD, I take meds.
For If I didn't, I would seriously lose my mind.

I take nothing for my Aspergers,
since it doesn't completely affect my every-day-life.
I have a few friends who know this about me,
And they still love me.
One thing is for sure, just because I'm different,
doesn't mean I'm stupid. I'm only 22 years old,
yet I feel like I've lived about 49years.
That's how much I've been through.
I just gave you the tip of the Ice berg.

I thank all of you who have read this and don't think differently of me.
Thank you all for always being there.
May the Lord Bless You and keep you.
You will always be in my heart.

Current Residence: Kenmore, WA
Favourite genre of music: Alternative rock, Emo, Punk, Pop,Metal, Love Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
Favourite photographer: myself ^.^
Favourite style of art: Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Anime/manga
Operating System: windows XP
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: Demon Mach 2
Wallpaper of choice: Anything Fantasy
Skin of choice: Silver
Favourite cartoon character: Courage, the Cowardly Dog
Personal Quote: "We make are own Destiny"

:blackrose::heart:My Guardian Angel, My Beloved, William.:heart::blackrose:

Guardian Angel by Reithya

Done by my Wonderful and Blessed Friend :iconreithya::heart:

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     I apologize for being M.I.A for the last few months... A lot has happened since the last journal I posted.. As you all know, I have lost my dog and my fiance' earlier this year in the same week.. As mentioned here---> My Beloved Has Passed...Please, Read...     Hello friends and watchers...I apologize for being so MIA...But something so tragic has happened and I haven't had the strength yet to talk about it until now...
     I don't know if any of you remember my last couple journals ago, but I will refresh your memory anyway.. Last year in July I moved back in with my mom from being with a complete idiot, douche bag mama's boy boyfriend. I get back in touch with my oldest friend who I have known for almost 7 years now, and asked her what kind of church group she goes too. She invited me to come one day mid-January of this year, and I went. She introduced me to some of her friends, and introduced me to one of the worship Leaders who plays the Bass. His name was 'William'. Another one of her friends paid my way to go to the winter retreat that was held on the 20-something of January for a whole weekend. The second time I was there before the retreat took place, William asked me if I was going, and I

Two days after my dog passed, my mom and I took in my moms friend's cat, Tiger. Tiger helped me a lot with the passing of William and my dog, Heart. He bonded with me very quickly, and would not leave my side. Tiger was always there to cheer me up, to keep my mind distracted. Later on, I found out that when my mom's friend had gotten Tiger, 17yrs ago, that was the same year his mother had passed away. Because of this loss and grief, Tiger was able to sense the same emotion in me, and knew exactly what to do to make me feel better. He bonded with me over loss..
     In late July, Tiger fell ill. He wasn't eating as much, barely drinking water and started hiding out in the house. I had to take him to the vets and they said that he had become severely dehydrated because of the heat wave that had happened,  and was a still on going thing for another month. I found out that cats in general do NOT do well in the heat. I had to put him on IV fluids, B12 injections and 2 different types of Alternative medicine which I had to give him orally 3x a day each. Yes, I had to inject him with B12 once a week and had to give him the IV Fluids 3x a week or more. This happened after I took him in at three different occasions, all within a month and a half.. My mom's friend, Tiger's owner, was away in Japan to teach English. Which is why we took Tiger in. He had offered to pay the vet bills, but never expected anything like this to happen. Everyday since the beginning of August, I was watching over Tiger. Giving him meds, making him feel more comfortable and of course lots of love like he had given me. On his fourth visit to the vet, I finally decided to take him in to see my dog Heart's old vet who knew her all her life and even helped to prolong it by any means naturally. He suggested that I put Tiger on the Raw food diet, like my dog was on when she had first been slipping away. So, I did just that. Gave Tiger raw chicken everyday and even cut it into small pieces so it would be easier for him to chew.. It seemed that Tiger was going to make a full recovery..Until I noticed he wasn't having bowel movements very often, going up to a week without one. And, his tummy area looked bloated for a cat that had lost a lot of weight.
     In mid-September, I took him in to see my vet again, and he noticed something that wasn't there before (3weeks prior). He felt around Tiger's tummy, and Tiger mewled in pain. He figured that either his intestines had thickened, or that his spleen was swollen and suggested we take him to radiologist that he recommended for us to get an Ultrasound done on Tiger to see what was really going on ASAP..I took Tiger in there 2days after the vet visit. The poor baby had to have his tummy shaved so that they could see everything correctly. I noticed how thin Tiger was more so after most of his fur was gone.. It made me sick to see how bad he had gotten.. So, about a week later I get the results back from the ultrasound... They told me that Tiger had Lymphoma.. A type of cancer. I broke down..Doing all I could to make him feel better and religiously kept up on all his meds.
   Fast forward to about last week, Tuesday the 4th of this month...That morning, 2:00 a.m I came to the realization that Tiger was in immense pain and his breathing had gotten worse. Lymphoma causes Fluid build-up in the body and eventually makes the animal suffocate... He had to keep propping himself up to sleep, and wouldn't stay asleep. The week before the fourth, his breathing had become so bad that he was sneezing and coughing, couldn't even eat his food without doing one or the other, or both.. So he would just leave it and look at me like he wanted something else.. A longing and a sadness in his eyes that I couldn't put my finger on until late that night when I held him, and began to cry.. I knew he was dying, I came to realize he was suffering greatly, despite everything I was doing for him. Had even put him on CBD oil one month prior, because my vet suggested it because it does cure cancer.. But that night I knew I was too late.. I held him, carefully making sure he was comfortable in my arms and that I didn't squeeze him. He laid against me, and I began to talk to him through my tears. I knew he understood what I was saying, by the way he rested his head upon my chest like he hadn't done before.. I could feel it. Everything.. His pain, his love..And longing for release. The only reason that kept him going was me.. He felt like he still had to take care of me.. I told him he didn't have to anymore, that I was going to be alright and his mission was completed.
     That morning on the fourth, I took him into the vet, just to see what he had to say on behalf of Tiger's terminal illness. Tiger weighed in at a 5lbs 11oz.. When he was healthy, he was 12lbs.. The vet basically told me that he could give him another steroid shot to make him comfortable for awhile, but after that he was just gonna keep suffering and wasting away.. That it was up to me to decide what to do.. My mom was there, and her Bf for support.. I looked at Tiger and kneel next to him, petting and lightly rubbing his chest. I looked him in the eye and began to cry. He put his head on the side of my shoulder, and one paw on my hand. He looked up at me with eyes that said 'It's okay now, there will be no more pain'. Tiger knew what he wanted, and as selfish as I can be at times I could not let anyone, person or animal suffer on my behalf. That is wrong. I did All I could, and Tiger knew that. So, I told the vet that I made the decision to 'put him to sleep'. I've NEVER had to make that decision in my life..Probably the hardest thing to do, because one's  life is in your hands and you have to put your own feelings aside and know deep within, that it was the best choice for them. I looked him in the eye and told him through my tears 'please tell Heart and William that I love them so when you see them. Thank you for all you have done Tiger, I love you and always will'. He looked at me with eyes that expressed the sentence 'I Will, I love you very much too, forever and always. Thank you'.
     I watched him slip away, my face buried in the fur of his skeletal neck. The process doesn't hurt the animal. It makes them numb, and not feel themselves slip away. I cried the whole time, holding his front paws in one hand and the other on his torso..His heart stopped. I began to shake uncontrollably, my mother too. I tried to close his eyes, but I couldn't.. I didn't want to leave him there, but I had  to. My mother's Bf paid for the cremation. I had a choice to take the body home and bury it next to my dog Heart, at my Nana's house or Cremation. If he was entirely my cat, I would have.. But he wasn't, even though I did all the care. I thought of his owner, Matt, overseas in Japan.. I knew he would want Tiger when he came back. That's why I chose the cremation. Matt of course knew of Tiger's progress, but he never knew anything like this could happen. It was his greatest fear when he left.. But he thanks me for thinking of him..
     This is why I have been delayed in art and commissions.. Death. Three unexpected deaths, all so close to me. My heart is broken, my soul shattered. I am so done with this year.. I hope to God that Death doesn't pay me a visit for quite awhile now.. My spirit needs a break, time to heal.
     Once these commissions are done, I will not take any more for awhile unless you want a cash commission. These are the ones I need to focus on getting done and uploaded along with my personal art.
     I want to say a huge thank you for everyone who has not rushed me, pushed and have been so VERY understanding and patient with me since February. I apologize for being so damn late, but I have no control over Death and how it effects me. So thank you. You all are a blessing, and I appreciate each and every one of you. More than you ever know..:heart:


1):iconstephdragonness: Points 2 Colored Character Commission Of Her OC's. And
Bullet; Green Sketching out Ideas Bullet; Green

2.):iconyamiyo: Points Colored Full Body/w Background Commission of her Beautiful Dragon Character, Keyadrel.
Bullet; Green Sketching out Ideas Bullet; Green

3.) :iconkamari-inuzuka: Points Head Bust Line-Art Commission of her Dragon Character, Issa.
Bullet; Orange Have Not Started Yet Bullet; Orange

4.) :iconxenomorphsangheili: Points Colored Full Body w/o Background, of her Dragon Self.
Bullet; Red Not Yet Started Bullet; Red

5.) :iconpandiivan: Points Colored Head Bust of her Dragon OC, Veno.
Bullet; Red Not Yet Started Bullet; Red
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: Take Me To Church: HOZIER
  • Reading: My Ideas
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
  • Playing: Flight Rising
  • Eating: Ciggarettes
  • Drinking: Orangeade Monster Rehab Energy Drink

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